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STAKOM Sp. z o. o. was established on October 2 2002 and is a subsidiary of PPiHH METALS WORKS, which has been operating in the metal industry since 1975. The company was established in response to a high market demand for metal products such as, containers, press containers and sport fields The experience and quality developed in METALS WORKS continue to be successfully used in STAKOM.

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About us

The highest quality

Our business involves:

  • production of containers
  • production of press containers
  • production of sports fields


80% of our products are sold to the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, France and Switzerland. In response to quality requirements of our foreign partners we have modernised our machine fleet and employed the latest technologies. We produce containers based on documentation provided by the customer. We also have our own construction division which executes designs strictly and accordingly to the customer’s requirements.

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