Sport Fields

Sports fields We are a leading manufacturer

of multipurpose sports fields for young and old. Our main customers are the Scandinavian countries.


The experience and information we have collected during tests in difficult and demanding Scandinavian weather conditions contributed to the improvement of our products in terms of design, safety operation, resistance to mechanical stress and hardships of atmospheric effects. All these activities have resulted in great design and quality, highly appreciated by all of our customers.

Sports fields The best performance

Our fields are made out of different modules and panels like wood, mesh, rubber combined with plywood.


Each field is standard equipped with synthetic grass, gate and a gateway. In addition, the above can be retrofitted in lighting poles and a net to prevent getting the ball outside the field.

Sports Fields Advantages of our fields


Designed for sports such as: Football, Volleyball, Handball, Badminton and Basketball.

Zero noise

The mounted rubber pads and dampers on the ground do not generate any noise when used. The fields can be constructed practically anywhere without disturbing the surrounding community.

Individual dimensions

Capability to design the fields in a variety of sizes and configurations of panels.


The ability to transfer the project to another location.

Sports fields We promote sport

Our projects have a positive effect on the local community by promoting the sport from an early age and integrating families during events. At the same time, local companies are able to sponsor events organized for children by placing their ads on the fence around the field.


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